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Current Research Projects
My research involves the systematic study of technology's influence on human learning and behavior. I am currently conducting an in depth study on factors that motivate user generated content on the web.

I'm interested in this topic because it interrogates one of the most compelling promises of the web 2.0 world: that all of us (that can get online) can contribute. Yet, studies like the one covered in this New York times article demonstrate time and time again that the web (from the US perspective) tends to be written by traditionally elite groups. When we all presumably have something to share, why are sites like wikipedia dominated by male authors?

My research brings theories of social and developmental psychology to bare on the question of what factors lead some individuals to contribute online, and others to hold back.

Twitter is where I post up-to-date information on my research and related topics.

Past Research
In the past, I have also conducted research focused on:
» improving the achivement of low-performing students by helping them to adopt new attitudes about learning. This research was conducted in partnership with DreamCatchers, Inc.
» helping urban youth become critical consumers and producers of digital media and culture. This research was conducted as a member of Stanford's YouthLAB in partnership with the digital youth network.

In Sum
My broader research agenda aims to address issues of social justice and social inequality by using sociological and psychological insights to design new technology.

See my CV for publication and presentation references, and more information on my research.


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