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Ph.D Candidate Stanford School of Education Est. Graduation March 2015
Program in Learning Science & Technology Design & Program in Developmental and Psychological Sciences

B.S.H Stanford University Graduated June 2006 | Cumulative GPA: 3.5
Major: Science, Technology, and Society (with Honors) – Focus in Math | Minor: Arab & Middle Eastern Studies

Topics studied: Effectiveness of web-based learning programs | Design principles for technology-aided curriculum | Diffusion of innovation among different populations |


Stringer, D., Levinson, A. (2011).  Positioning Learners as Creators: The Digital Youth Network.  Proceedings of the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting.

Scipio, D., Stringer, D., Levinson, A., Mertl, V., Viscitainer, T. (2011, April)  Creating 'Spaces': Shaping Informal Media, Arts, Culture, and Science based Learning Environments.  Presented at American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, USA.

Barron, B., Levinson, A., Martin, C., Mertl, V., Stringer, D., Austin, K., Pinkard, N., Richards, K., Gomez, K. (2010, July)  Supporting young new media producers across learning spaces: a longitudinal study of the digital youth network.  Presented at International Society for the Learning Sciences Conference, Chicago, IL, USA.

Barron, B., Rogers, M., Stringer, D., Levinson, A., Mertl, V., Matthews, J., Pinkard, N., Austin, K., Gomez, K. (2010, February)  Creating Learning Ecologies that Bridge Divides.  Presented at Digital Media and Learning Conference, San Diego, CA, USA.

Stringer, D. (2009, February)  The Digital Youth Network: An Educational Environment for Brigiding Learning Environments.  Presented at Teachers College Educational Technology Conference, New York, NY.

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Research Assistant  Transformative Learning Technologies Lab  Fall 2011 - Present
I recently joined the TLTLab on a project that seeks to find more effective mechanisms for identifying and encouraging emerging problem-solving expertise in engineering. Our team is seeking to harness the power of learning analytics to understand how young people best learn engineering through building activities. I have contributed qualitative study design and analysis skills to the project by creating a framework and process for analyzing interview and graphical data.

Research Assistant  Stanford YouthLAB  Fall 2007 - Fall 2011
As a research assistant with Stanford's YouthLAB, I have worked for the past five years on a longitudinal, mixed-methods study of middle-school student development of digital media skills. I have collected data about learning attitudes, access to technology, and learning experiences, and from this organized cohesive accounts of technology skill acquisition. I have contributed to the development of models for understanding learning that emphasize the role of instructors in supporting student interest in technology, and the importance of students’ own exploration for learning.

Research Project Leader  Identity, Culture, & Learning Project  Fall 2009 - Summer 2011
I started the Research on Identity, Culture, and Education project out of a research partnership with a local tutoring program. From 2009 through 2011, I worked with the project to 1) help academic enrichment programs understand their own strengths and weaknesses in equipping students with academic skills 2) leverage education research to improve student learning outside of school 3) engage undergraduate students in education research. I worked with the DreamCatchers tutoring program to create a comprehensive set of program evaluations, and use those evaluations to improve their tutoring of low-performing students. I also worked with 6 undergraduate research assistants and helped them to develop basic social science research skills.

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Curriculum Developer  Shelter Network  Jan 2008 - Nov 2010
As a curriculum developer for Shelter Network of the Bay area, I conducted an ethnographic study of learning activities for youth at four Bay Area homeless shelters. Based on this study, my co-developer and I created a comprehensive curriculum for after-school learning that accounted for the developmental needs of young people in different age groups. A follow-up study of adults in these shelters was used to develop a curriculum for teaching financial literacy.

Co-Director  Ernest Houston Johnson Scholars Program  Fall 2008 - Spring 2010
After acting as a mentor for the Partners in Academic Excellence I program for academic year 2007-2008, I worked with a team from the Black Community Services Center to restructure the program as the Ernest Houston Johnson Scholars program. As one of the transitioning and acting directors of this program, I helped to create and execute a vision for connecting Black graduate students and Black freshmen around a theme of academic excellence. In addition to providing an infrastructure for community development for students of similar backgrounds, the revamped program offered leadership development for graduate mentors, and introduced freshmen early on to the idea of pursuing careers in academia.

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