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My Work
I do research, teaching, writing, and design focused on technologies that help us learn, create, and connect. I'm fascinated with people's use of technology to understand and define ourselves and the world around us. I am particularly interested in how new information technologies can be applied to social justice projects that promote educational and economic equality. I am currently a PhD candidate in Stanford University's Learning Sciences and Technology Design program.

In addition to my research, writing, and teaching, I assist education and ed tech organizations with evaluation, curriculum development, program development, grant preparation, and general strategy. Recently, I have been:

» How diverse youth develop interest in STEM fields as a part of in-school and out-of-school educational programs.
» How and why people share information and build community online, with a focus on what discourages people from sharing diverse viewpoints in open, democratic spaces.
» Various approaches to using laptops for instruction in urban school settings.
» more details on research here

» An undegraduate course for freshmen interested in STEM as a part of the Leland Scholars Program
» A graduate summary course on major learning theories from the 20th century Understanding Learning Environments
» A graduate course on Designing Learning Spaces

» Simple tools and activities to assist with teaching math and science concepts
» Solutions for assisting adolescents with chronic diseases who are transitioning into adulthood
» Approaches to school payments that seek to ease the burden of tuition for low-income families internationally.

My dissertation focuses on what motivates and discourages people from participating in communities online built around content sharing. I'm interested in online forums, social networking sites, etc., and how people behave in them, because I think important and powerful democractic and civic activities can take place on them.

I use Twitter and my blog to share content that deals with issues involving education, technology, innovation, and social change.

Through my writing, I'm developing an agenda for defining innovation in terms of its impact on social justice and social equality.

In The Past
I've spent my professional life working at the nexus of technology development, community building, and education. In the past, I've worked in the technology sector (at Google) in the social sector (at the Education Trust in Washington, D.C., The Greenling Institute in Berkeley, and Mary Queen of Viet Nam Community Development Corporation in New Orleans).


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